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Plan Your Future Before Poverty Plans It For You
The Best Benefits Of Blogging

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Does blogging really have any benefits? Yes, it does have. There are a number of benefits of blogging. Otherwise the gentlemen like Ariana Huffington ( Huffpost.com ), Tim Sykes ( Timothysykes.com), Harsh Agarwal ( shoutmeloud.com ), Anil Agarwal ( bloggerspassion.com), Pavan Agarwaljee ( deepawali.co.in ) would not have shouted loudly about it. Let us have a glance at the monthly earnings of a few top Indian bloggers from India:-

Now Let us have a glance at the monthly of earning some world leaders in blogging:-

Blogging certainly has a benchmark for its growth. Every business chooses to convert itself to an E-commerce platform. The flexibility of the E-commerce business platform added advantages for bloggers. New websites invite bloggers to write about them, which in turn increased traffic to their websites. The advantages of blogging are as follows:-

1. Financial safety in lockdown-like situations

What will you do if a lockdown-like situation returns again?

Are you adequately prepared?

Did you accumulate enough bank balance to support your family for another two years? Did you plan what will you do being confined within the four walls of your home? Will you be able to see your kids starve?

You will think of curtailing expenditures.

How will you feel when you will not be able to buy medicine for your ailing wife? How will she feel? She will not disclose her feelings. But she will certainly feel pity for you and will get ready to die silently without getting treatment. She will not blame you. She will feel in her mind that it was her mistake that once she loved a person who would become so hopeless like you in crisis.

You will cry inside your mind.

Will you borrow it? But who will lend? Did anybody lend you one during the last lockdown? We know your answer will be ‘no’. This is natural. Everybody will pass through the same situation as yours. Nobody will know how long would this continue and hence will not dare to spare even a penny. Because every person will remain concerned about his own family.

So then?

…….Do not have any answers?

Here we have an answer for you. Plan your future before poverty plans it for you.

Why don’t you try blogging now when you are in a job? Is it because you do not want to get active unless and until a really bad time appears? You will wait for the worst situation to knock on your door.


Do you know If you start blogging today, maybe within six months or one year you will be able to start earning Rs. 5000-Rs.10000 per month?

Too small?

Yes. Little small at starting. But it would be your side income besides salary. And if you start now, maybe it will prove handy, had there been any lockdown-like situation. You should know that if you can earn Rs.5000 today, a time will come when you will be able to earn Rs. 50000 also and then even Rs. 500,000. Yes people are earning to the tune of Rs. 30-40 lakhs per month.


What else? Do not think too much. Just dive into blogging.

2. Liberty from 9 to 6 life

In the world, more than 10 % of the total population is not aware of the advantages of blogging. Over 935 million people go to a job every day. People go to jobs to earn money to support their families. But each person has his own untold story. A lot of people are there who face different types of adversities like harassment, humiliation, etc at the workplace. Still, they stick to their job because they don’t have any other option to earn money to support their family. World wide over 28 % of people are over-educated for their job. Still, they continue.

But why?

Is it that they do not have any option or is it that there is an option, but they wish not to look at it?

They do not get the courage and confidence to dive into any unknown field. But let me assure you, it would not be more difficult than to see your family starve. What if, we muster courage and try something new side by side with our existing source of income?

3. Be your own boss

Avail the advantage of blogging to be your own boss. At almost every workplace, there is a tyrant boss. Sometimes, depending upon situations, even an apparently good person may turn into a tyrant when you will fail to fulfill his awkward demands like his small unethical orders, his unfair seeking of sexual favors, etc. Other than this, maybe your boss wants some of his favorite people in place of you. Maybe your frequency does not match but you do not want to unnecessarily bend.

So, what to do in situations like these?

It is sure, he will try every means to get you out. So what to do in this situation? Just buy time. Try blogging. It may take another year. If necessary, till that time bend a little. When you start earning handsomely from your blog, fire your boss. Don’t hesitate at all.

4. Revenue Generationn

A blogger with a large no of audience can attract a lot of money. If your content is great, a volume of the audience will read your work, from which you can earn a volume of revenue. Bloggers can use affiliate markets, advertisements, and other monetization tricks to generate revenue. Earning revenue is the biggest advantage of blogging.

5. Getting rich with knowledge

As a blogger, when you publish a post, you get to do a lot of research in your niche on several topics for writing a blog. As you educate the audience from your blog. To become an educator, you have to have relevant knowledge. For acquiring knowledge you have to become a learner first. So, a blogger has the desired advantage to learn new things in their daily life.

6. Better grip on the language

As a blogger, you have to write on a daily basis which gives you a good command of the language. It sharpens your English skills. Collaboration with other language options is also available for bloggers in the comment section. No doubt this is also an advantage of blogging.

7. Gaining wider circle

Most blogs allow readers to comment on blog posts through which they could interact with the publisher. The reader could either leave feedback or ask a query, both of which the publisher will be able to respond to. Bloggers can actually build relationships with the readers. Blogging helps to stay connected with readers from different backgrounds and from different demographic areas of the world. Even the people, who have not met you in their real life. Some of them can also turn into a fan base by following the social media network.  We are social creatures. In society, people help us and we should also help people. So it is certainly a great advantage of blogging.

8. Writing skills

Blogging allows users to write about anything they are interested in. As the blogger keeps writing new posts, it will eventually improve their writing skills. Even to an extent that there can be hardly any grammatical errors. Besides writing through blogging, bloggers can actually improve their other skills in graphic designing and HTML. This aspect can also be considered an advantage of blogging.

9. Unlimited earninng opportunity

This is the best advantage of blogging. Here the sky is the limit. Two tables of successful bloggers worldwide the testimonial of this fact. Businesses that look for content writers, will find you to write a blog for their websites. This way you get a lot of opportunities to work digitally. Even the international market gives more employment opportunities to content writers to work with international companies.

10. Requires no formal qualifications

For blogging, one need not have any formal qualifications. Any person can do it from home and earn some money in idle time. A retired person/housewife/student can spend time productively and honorably. It is one of the greatest advantages of blogging because a common person can earn few pennies in the most dignified way through this.


1. Workload at the initial stage

Consistency is the most difficult part of blogging. A Blogger does not just have to upload one or two blogs, but at least one blog per week. Readers attract to your website when there is content on it. Inconsistency can lead to a negative impact on search engine optimization. As long you can write and publish good quality content, it is an advantage of blogging.

2. Feeling lonely

A blogging job is not just the usual job like working in our office. When you’re working in a corporate office you interact with many people on daily basis, you have a great social life and you enjoy bugs of that. But as a Blogger there is no corporate as well as social life, you don’t interact much with the outside community. You may feel lonely.

3. Impact of negative feedback

Everybody on the web is not gentle. Certain times you are not appreciated for the time and hard work you have spent on your work. If you are a person whom abusive language affects then you are not made for this job.

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