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The Best Blogging Platforms In 2023

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Explore top ten blogging platforms

What are Blogging Platforms? 

Blogging platforms are tools and software that allow you to manage, create and publish a blog on the Internet. A blogging platform helps the user to maintain the records of the post the author had published.

The platform displays the day, as well as the author’s name who posted the blog, which makes it easier for the audience to search for the specific blog they need. A blogging platform helps the author to analyze the proper position of his blogs in the blogging market, for example, the number of people who reached you.

Types of Blogging Platforms

There are several different companies that offer free or paid services for publishing and hosting a blog. Some popular free blogging platforms include WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, and Medium.

If you are just looking to create a personal journal or share information with others then a free blogging platform can work out well for you. But if you have any intent on making money online or using your blog for commercial purposes, then many experts recommend that you avoid these free blogging platforms and pay to use a self-hosted blog on WordPress. This means you get your own hosting account and your own WordPress installation, where you have complete control over what you can do.

List of Top 10 Blogging Platforms in 2022

Here is the list of top 10 blogging platforms in 2022.

1. Wix

Visit https://www.wix.com/

Wix is a user-friendly blogging platform and it has over 250 million plus users worldwide. Wix facilitates you with every necessity that is required to build your brand online. It has inbuilt SEO software, multiple templates option, reliable web hosting, etc. making the process of blogging very easy.


  • It allows you to create a personal blog or a portfolio website or even an online store. It has 500+ themes and templates.
  • It provides free SSL Certificates
  • Industry-leading 99.98% Uptime via their Enterprise-grade Infrastructure that includes 20 PoPs, with 200 CDN locations. This ensures your blog loads fast for users across the globe.
  • Built-in Backups to easily recover your data.
  • You can add multiple elements to your pages, from multimedia widgets to backgrounds,


Visit https://wordpress.com/

WordPress is a popular choice for bloggers to work upon. It is very comfortable to work with. It is free but you will have to purchase the domain. The domain cost is about$15 per year. It is an excellent choice for authors writing blogs for personal and professional use. Following are the features which make this software popular among users


  • It is highly customizable
  • It helps create a blog in just minutes
  • Plugins for boosting monetization
  • Provides several growth opportunities


Visit https://www.weebly.com/in

It is a platform that provides basic functions but it does not provide any technical support to the bloggers. Weebly provides templates, host’s and basic building tools. It supports blogs that contain the content of basic functionality. Weebly is affordable and easy to use like Wix but differentiates itself in multiple ways. The editor supports drag-and-drop functionality for both posts and pages, for example. You can create more complex layouts by adding elements like forms and image galleries as well. You can also add more sub-levels to your navigation menus, which allows you to organize larger amounts of content.

All Weebly templates are also mobile-optimized, which means you won’t have to do any additional editing or rearranging for mobile.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides various apps and integration
  • Drag and drop design option
  • 24X7 Support 


It is similar to word press. One can install GHOST for free but has to pay for the host. It’s not a multi-dimensional platform. It has limited creative features. For beginners, it’s the correct platform. Digital Ocean is a great support in Ghost. It has unique features and is also cheap.

Downloading ghost is not easy as word press. You have to work hard with servers and it depends upon which host you choose.


  • It allows publishing blogs in multiple languages
  • Simple user interface
  • It allows Search Engine Optimization
  • Comes with the team management system
  • Provides A+ security features


It is and oldest as well as the most popular blogging platform, but it does not facilitate with unique features that the present blogging platform provides. It facilitates us with a basic feature that is useful for personal blogging, and technical work.

It’s really simple to create a blogging account in Blog, just sign up and create your account, and after that select a theme and start writing a blog. It is basically a type of electronic note pad with basic word features.


  • It is Easy to use
  • Helps in creating mobile responsive websites
  • SEO Friendly
  • A lot of free templates are available
  • 24X7 Support


Just like a regular blogging platform, it provides multiple post formats for different types of content. The thing with Tumblr is that it is purely for personal use and wouldn’t put up a great solution if you have business-oriented plans. It is simplistic, offers basic customization options, and as I said earlier, has more of a social media vibe.

The interface of Tumblr is more playful and easy to get started with – you can simply sign up and then you’re allowed to start posting.


  • Provides free as well as premium services
  • It allows using your own custom domain
  • Allows Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media integration


Visit https://medium.com/

It is also a similar platform, unlike other blogging platforms. Its multidimensional features allow customers to create creative blogs. One can easily create an account on it and start writing a blog.  One can easily have a good reach of the audience on this platform as it has 60 million readers. Its platform is super simple to use – and pretty much just to sign up and start writing. But the downside is that all your content is on Medium. That is, you’re not really building your own “space” like you would with WordPress.


  • It allows creating your own publications
  • Helps in building an audience 
  • It is Easy to use 
  • It is a great option for beginners


Visit https://www.squarespace.com/

Squarespace is a unique business blogging platform. It has unique features of templates that make your blog more attractive and user-friendly. You just have to log in, you can use your Squarespace tools and SEO tools to create your block. It has only 140 templates to choose from but all are very attractive and help a lot to prepare your blog.

With Squarespace’s award-winning designer templates and integrations with Getty Images, Unsplash, and Google AMP, you can create visual content that’s engaging and shareable.


  • Provides amazing template options
  • You can monitor your website analytics
  • Allows third-party integrations
  • Provides e-commerce management


Visit https://write.as/

It is a simple blogging platform that has a basic design template that is usable for basic content with minimalist design.

Offering a stripped-down editor with nothing but an auto-save feature, Write.as offers the experience of writing in a virtual journal. Write. as is also free to use and doesn’t support ads. Also, while writing. as is free to use, you’ll have to upgrade to its pro plan for $6 per month to connect a custom domain name, install a custom theme, remove the no follow tag from your links, and more.


  • Provides website analytics
  • Great platforms for beginners
  • It allows you to publish anonymously
  • Comes with custom themes

10. Site 123

Visit https://www.site123.com/

SITE 123 free website builder is a perfect solution for a private or corporate Internet user. It will teach you how to make a website and let you handle it without hiring a professional. The advanced wizard with its ready-made styles and layouts will provide you with just what you need to create your online presence quickly and easily. 


  • It allows you to create a free website
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comes with ready-made themes
  • Provides website analytics

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