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The Best Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use In 2023

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Digital marketing is growing rapidly and blogging is an effective part of digital marketing. To create money, bloggers use different blogging tools to make their blogs effective, flexible, and convertible to drive traffic to their blogs. To earn money from your blog one has to use these tools to make their blog creative.

12 Best Blogging Tools To Use in 2022

Here are some of the best blogging tools that you need to use in 2022 in order to excel in blogging and create great blogs.


GoDaddy has a plethora of hosting options
Secured hosting by GoDaddy

It is a tool that helps in registering a domain. GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars and has served up to 19 million customers and over 78 million domains in two decades. It has the cheapest range of domains to start from.

Godaddy provides multiple facilities such as domain brokerage for the already acquired domain. It also facilitates the bulk ordering of domains and also helps in domain transfers. Godaddy helps in real-time monitoring and facilitates world-class support.


Bluehost web hosting

Blue Host is one of the best web hosting companies out there in terms of reliability, security, speed, and pricing. One good thing with Bluehost also is that they offer seasonal discount sales as well as Splash sales that assist you in getting your hosting plan at a relatively cheaper rate.


Semrush is a keyword research tool that helps you in finding relevant target keywords for your blogs. It helps in finding keywords and provides complete data like keyword density, competitiveness, difficulty, etc.

It also allows you to compare the keyword performance of other sites. It helps in analyzing your competitor top performing keywords that they are targeting and you are not. Apart from that it also helps in backlink analysis. Through this tool, we can find out the traffic ratio and other relevant information about all our competitors.


Convert kit is one of the most popular email marketing software available in the market. You all must be aware that an email list could be one of the biggest assets to growing your audience which ultimately results in more conversions, and Covert kit lets you create forms and landing pages with ease which you can integrate into the website to turn every visitor into subscribers.

Automated emails, segmentation, and easy integration are some of the highlighted features of the Convert kit. With the Convert kit, you can start building your email list up to 500 subscribers for free. Experienced professionals may go with the Convert Kit Complete plan which starts at $29/month. This plan will facilitate you, with advanced reporting, automated funnels, and email sequences.


Rankmath is a popular search engine optimization plugin used in WordPress that became popular immediately after its launch. It gives you complete freedom in making your content SEO friendly on your website which facilitates higher ranks in search engines.

Rank math is easy to set up, has a clean and simple user interface, and the modular framework makes it a good option for search engine optimization. It comes with advanced search engine optimization features like rich snippets, sitemaps, etc. It can also be integrated with the Google search console.


Premium themes are the beauty and engine house of every WordPress site. Creating a WordPress blog would be of no use if it is not constructed on quality and premium themes.

This is the reason why some sites are more attractive, responsive, and secure than others. The quality of the themes matters a lot; hence bloggers need to get what would add more value to their site.

There are several quality templates you can get from this site. Some of the available Responsive ones to choose from include Divi, Extra, Nexus, Vertex, Fable, Foxy, StyleShop, Nimble, Lucid, Fusion, and Explorable. Some Magazine themes on the shelf of Elegant themes include style, Magnificent, Glow, TheSource, Aggregate, DelicateNews, Bold, Influx, Grungemag, eNews, and egamer.

7. Buffer

Buffer is one of the top platforms to manage your social media networks. You can schedule your tweets, and Facebook shares in advance and it will automatically publish the posts on your selected day and time them.

Being in the industry for around 10 years and trusted by more than 75,000 companies, Buffer is one of the best engagement platforms that help you bring more authentic engagement on social media. It gives you the facility of 14 days trial without asking for credit card details after that it will cost you $35 per month It also facilitates some amazing features such as a story planner, shop grid, hashtag planner, first comment, Instagram tagging, etc


It is the best WordPress that allows you and your audience to share your content with a single click. It not just allows sharing your content but facilitates you with the facility of social sharing, social auto-poster, and advanced analytics. In addition to that, it will also help you Boost Old posts, Social Login, Social Meta Tags, and Click to Tweet boxes.


Grammarly is a popular content proofreading tool, which helps in correcting grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors while writing content. As a blogger, you need to publish a lot of content, and it is not possible every time to proofread all the blogs. So Grammarly comes in very useful, it also helps in reframing sentences.

You can use this app for free, but if you wish to upgrade to the premium version, it will take you only $37.95/month to do so. With that, you have access to over 250 new, premium checks, 24/7 callback and email support, relevant corrections for every writing situation, available directly within Microsoft Office, and a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Quora is a question-and-answer-based platform where you can get the best answers for any question on whichever topic it is. Make sure to follow all the relevant topics in your industry and search for different keywords before creating content for your blog’s audience.

Here’s how you can use Quora to come up with great topic ideas for your blog audience.

Firstly, search for the keyword that you want to rank for. For instance, here are the details for the keyword “SEO best practices” and see that there are so many questions you can pick to select a topic for your next post.

Then, see if there are any questions or answers that have already been covered. If there are topics that are already covered, find out the most upvoted answers along with the most viewed questions. Pick anyone among them and start creating content around it.


It is one of the creative software used in adding visuals to your blogs, above all, it’s a free tool to create great images. Just make sure to find the free images and design them however you want. You can also upload pictures from your own library to give a unique personal touch to your images or infographics. It is a graphic design tool. The best part about Canva is that it is user-friendly and provides great after-support services as well.


Google Analytics Tool is an analyzing tool, that helps in knowing the performance of your blog. It helps to know from where the traffic is being generated. It is highly recommended to use Google Analytics as the metrics and data are really essential for you to grow your blog. Even if you want to sell your website or blog, most people ask you for your analytics reports before making a purchase. So it’s absolutely essential if you want to know your audience’s behavior and traffic. It also helps to know the top-performing blogs and their sources from which they drive maximum traffic.

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