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How To Create a multi-niche blog Under the Same Domain?

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While creating a niche blog, most online entrepreneurs must be wondering if they can use different niches under the same domain name. Is it a good idea? Does it give the expected results? Connect with this article to explore the niche selections.


Niches play a vital role in the ranking process of the Google algorithm. The trendy topics quickly attract and helps to meet the target audience in a short span. While making money online, many questions themselves if they can use different niches under the same niche blog. Choosing multiple niches has its pros and cons. It brings positive and negative effects on your online career journey. Here, in this article, the impact of multiple niches is discussed. In the end, you will get a picture of whether to follow up on a single niche on more niches for better outcomes. It is high time to get clarification on the niche selections and their count to survive longer in this competitive market. Get ready for an informative discussion to know whether single or different niches win the online race.

Part 1: Is it a good idea to choose different niches under the same domain name?

According to digital experts, monetizing the niches from the different streams is a good idea but it brings adverse effects on longevity. Diversification of the niches struck the mind when you start making a good income with a single niche. Many online entrepreneurs think that they can make more income if they focus on different niches. To showcase different niches in the online space, you need different websites. There should be some connectivity between the niche blogs despite their differences.

1.1  Hidden risks of multiple niches with the same domain name

Initially creating multiple niches looks interesting, but most online entrepreneurs hire SEO experts from different streams to curate fresh content for the niches. As expected, you can witness the traffic increases by diversifying on different topics. The click-through rate also shoots up, but the only issue you will come across is that it affects the conversion rate values. The target audience is disappointed when they land up with irrelevant content due to the multiple niches. It disconnects from the core theme of your website. Here, you will be moving away from a certain type of audience and it affects the brand identity. The reputation fades and it creates an impact on the Google ranking system.

  • Impact on Google ranking: During the keyword search, the Google algorithm looks for single niche websites. The internal and external links included in the webpage will focus on a single topic and it enhances Google’s ranking. When your page carries multiple niches, the competitive sites come to light. Initially, you will witness the traffic results but gradually the count reduces due to the Google algorithm operation.
  • Reduces the quality: When you focus on a single niche blog, the content available looks more coherent and the audience gets depth insights. The overall quality of the website starts getting affected when you try to concentrate on multiple niches. A well-researched content is guaranteed if you go with a single niche blog. It targets the audience efficiently and you will get a better reach.
  • Affects interlinked niches: If there are any unknown flaws in one of the different niches linked with your parent content. The issues may be concerned with the article structure, spelling errors, grammatical problems, and less attractive content that will affect the interlinked niches in the same domain. Despite quality content in your parent niche, the overall performance results will disappoint. Issues with a single niche in the link will affect the entire row of different topics in the same domain. The brand identity of the domain moves out of the competitive grounds gradually.

1.2  Pros of choosing different niches on the same domain

Many startups try selecting multi niches blog, and then begin to analyze whether it is a good idea or not. Here, you will be discussing the advantage of multiple niches

  • Diverse topics: While creating content for multiple niches, you will figure out many facts interestingly. Though the research may be shallow, the diverse topic triggers the readers and not boredom at times.
  • Good income: When all the interlinked niches perform well, you will get multiple incomes. The different niches yield good responses if the chosen topics are trendy and in demand. This result is applicable based on the topics you focus on and the way the content is structured and interlinked.
  • For testing: Multiple niches are a great idea during the initial stages of your online career. It is advisable to restrict the count to three niches when you are trying to sort out in the testing stage. You are trying out what niches will suit your expertise and skills. Based on the testing results, a clear picture of the perfect niche is filtered.

Part 2: How do you choose multiple niche blog in the testing journey?

Learn to select multiple topics during the testing phase of your online journey. This session enlightens us with the best techniques to choose the multiple niches precisely.

  • Think about topics you take interest in: As discussed earlier, look for three tester niches that are interlinked by some factors. For example, if you focus on creativity, then choose topics like 3D sketches, digital drawings, and graphic design. Categorize these niches as the main niche and subsets according to the needs. It gives a clear idea to the audience and they can follow up on the content hassle-free.
  • Do you have experience in the chosen topic: Answer this question about whether you are professionally fit to handle this topic. Adequate knowledge is essential and you must choose the niches accordingly. Curiosity in learning the selected topic is required to stand unique in the online field.
  • Delegate the content creation: If you choose three blog niches, the task associated with it is slightly more than expected. It involves lots of research, content creation, drafting a landing page, sharing through a social medium, and building media elements like images and videos. You must delegate the work or outsource it to professionals based on your decisions. You may handle a few tasks efficiently and sometimes you lack certain skills that are essential to managing three niches in the same domain. Plan accordingly and create the best source for the chosen niches.
  • Run the tests for a fixed period: After choosing the niches, ensure you follow up for at least 6 months by analyzing its performance in the market. This phase gives you an idea about the efficiency of the chosen topics and the reach you can establish with different niches. Do not fail to test the multiple niches to corner the perfect one. Track the numbers and understand the niche demand in the competitive market.

The above steps help you to take decisions on choosing the perfect niche for your online needs.


Do you still think about whether you can use a multi-niche blog on the same domain name? Start with multiple niches in the testing phase and finally end with a single one to stay focussed. It yields the best results in the long run and does not affect your survival despite the competitive grounds. Stay tuned to this article to explore interesting insights on choosing a niche for an online career.

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