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The Best Ways Of Creating a Compelling Blogpost In 2023

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The dictionary defines “compelling” as “Attracting attention or interest”. That means creating a compelling blogpost means writing a piece that will attract or pull the audience strongly toward it.

Imagine the audience reads one of your posts and immediately subscribes because they don’t want to miss any other post of yours. It is possible when you create compelling blog posts. Publishing post is a crucial part of marketing in the world of the internet. It is the most fundamental part of internet marketing strategy.

Millions of people write blog posts every day. But how many of these are worth reading? How to write a post which will stand apart and pull the audience toward it?

Writing an excellent blog post isn’t all about wreathing a garland with a few apparently right words. It’s not just writing a love letter to your beloved. Writing a post in the SEO era means a lot. Your writing should be scannable, it should be SEO-optimised and even bolding or bulleting certain words. These factors will make your post penetrating and compelling to the audience.

Well, there are aspects you can do to make your posts and your blog more compelling to your audience. 

10 Tips to Create Perfect & Compelling Blogposts in 2022

1. Publish useful and engaging content

Remember why you started a blog in the first place. Ideally, a blog is intended to change people’s lives, or to motivate, inspire, educate, or entertain them. Now if the audiences do not read your blog posts, how will they be motivated or inspired? In order that the audience to read your post, you have to create compelling blog posts which will have a strong pulling force. Scannability, SEO optimization, or even bolding and bulleting certain words are ok. But finally, you will have to see whether your post has a pulling force or not. Whether your post appeals to the mind of people or not. Does your post answer the queries of the readers? If not, then nobody will read it. If a few try, they will bounce back too fast increasing the bounce rate.

A compelling blog post should necessarily have the following qualities: 

  • The headline should be catchy and enticing because it is the front door. So it must not be lackluster.
  • Understand the need of the audience and try to speak their mind.
  • Your post should have the answer to all the questions your reader is looking for.
  • Use subheadings.
  • Be expressive.
  • Use bullets
  • Bolden the key and important words or phrases.

2. Share your genuine thoughts and experience

Write something which comes from the depth of your mind, which is natural and not superficial. But when you express your genuine opinion, thoughts, etc, you will notice that your blog is doing well compared to the common content of others. So, try to be creative in your thinking, writing skills, and thought process. Also, try to quote real-life instances that motivate the audience a lot because they would relate this to situations in their personal life. Your creation should be appealing and only then it will be compelling to your audiences.

3. Know your Audience

Before you start writing, you must know the audience you are targeting to. If you are writing to sell winter wear, your post will have no or less impact in tropical countries. If you are selling fairness cream, your post will have more impact on women. The easiest way to get an insight view of your audience is by using the Monster Insights tool. It’s one of the best Analytics tools for WordPress and we highly recommend using it.

It converts complicated website data into simple information that is easy for anyone to understand. It gives valuable insights about your audience and from which background and demographic area they are coming from. It helps you understand the area where more attention needs to be given and thereby helps you in creating a compelling blogpost. It facilitates the service of dedicated reports for publishers that show top-performing landing pages, exit pages, and many other useful links. It shows which search terms get the most clicks, insight and view it.

4. Cut off the fluffs

Before you publish your blog, go through your post thoroughly and remove anything that doesn’t make sense or appeal to your mind. A post should be up to the mark with only useful sources, content, and images. A post full of unnecessary information can be annoying and not a compelling blog post. A beautiful quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to be taken away.”

5. Make your post scannable

As per a recent marketing study, it came to light that rarely people read your post from beginning to end. Most people scan your content and just read or stare at the part of the content, they are looking for or are interested in and then forward on again. We can not change their habit. We have to mold ourselves as per their needs and preference.

So, make it flexible for them. Use highlighting headings, bullet points, and other editing techniques to make sure your content is easy and informative to the audience. They may not go through every word you write, but chances are there that they’ll make sure they go through every important aspect of the blog you publish. These factors will be sufficient to make your blog post compelling for the audience to read.

6. Work on your headlines

A good and catchy headline is one step forward toward creating a compelling blog post. How often have you decided to go through a post purely based only on the content? A great headline can ensure your post stands out from the crowd and draw the reader’s attention. On the other hand, a non-catchy headline can be non-performing for your blog. A normal human being will not feel the urge to enter through a lackluster gateway that has an ordinary or shabby look. Just make sure your headline narrates the crux of the content. There is no place for clickbait.

7. Use bulleted points

 People tend to skip blog posts before they decide to read them. That means you need to put light on your best as well as useful information. This will help them quickly access your post without wasting their time.

Besides subheadings, bullet points are perfect because they’re very easy to understand the information under them is informative

Following are the tips for using to bullet points to make people actually read the content:

  • Express clarity in content. Think of bullets as a punch line.
  • Keep your bullets systematic 1-2 lines each.
  • Avoid giving examples. Don’t write stanzas in bullets.
  • Remember bullet points are not sentences. They’re just like punchlines.

Again, people don’t come to blog posts for leisure reading habits. They want specific content and don’t want to waste time to search it.

Bullet points are an excellent way of readymade information for your audience in a way that keeps them coming back for more blogs.

8. Add eaingful images

In a case study, it was found that the human brain processes virtual content a lot faster than text-based content. That’s why adding source full and creative images will attract the audience like a magnet and will help boost your audience engagement. A really good image will certainly make your blog post compelling.

There are tons of awesome free content for finding high-quality royalty-free images.

But honestly, it would be better off clicking your own photos or creating your own web images. Stock photos are great when you’re in a pinch (and we definitely use them from time to time!), but they lack naturality and do not give a personal touch. Most of the time an audience is attracted by the presentation and formation of pictorial content in the blog.

9. Curate SEO-friendly content

In the blogging market, SEO is a must. But you should never put SEO over your user’s experience. 

The goal is to find the balance. There should be SEO optimizations and at the same time, the post should speak to the mind. This factor is important for creating a compelling blogpost point of view.

The truth is that organic searches on Google catch a volume of traffic for most websites. 

If you want to increase your SEO ranking, then we highly recommend that you ensure your blog post is working on major SEO ranking factors.

Now, a few years back, this meant recruiting an SEO analyst but now there are tools/ platforms that make it easy to do by yourself.

All-in-One SEO is the most effective and efficient use WordPress SEO plugin. Here are some of its features:

  • Accountable checklist to optimize each page
  • Researched content and readability analysis skills
  • Ease in adding SEO elements such as meta title, description, and focused keywords
  • Add XML sitemaps and schema markups to improve the result of SEO rankings
  • Competitor analysis to win the competition
  • Associate with other tools and social media sources

It’s the most beginner-friendly SEO software that anyone can use and get their pages to rank higher.

10. Provide a call-to-action in your blogpost

You’ve written a post full of enthusiasm on a particular article, and now your audience is just curious about it. But unless you give them a way to channel their energy and passion, these disappear and you become unable to know their response.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask them to give a reaction to the action and do something different.

It could be to read other posts you have published on another useful topic. It could be to share their thought/opinions in the comments section.

It could be to share your posts on their social media platforms or buy a product, donate a certain amount of money for a good cause, etc.

Final thought

Make your post more appealing, and add relevant images. This will also improve your blog’s ranking.

The selection of time to post a blog is also important. Your peak time may be different from other bloggers.

To decide the best possible time help of an analytics tool may be useful. And finally, before posting proofreading and editing is compulsory.

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