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All over the world, the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns brought life to a standstill. Millions of people all over the world have been confined to homes. Everyone around the world who lost his job was searching for sources to earn money online.

Numerous people lost jobs. The plight of salaried class people worsened since the lockdown had begun. When a person can not go out, what can he do to earn a livelihood staying at home?

This is the most widely asked question all over the world. To almost all the possibilities there was full stop. So what to do in this situation?

To remain inactive and see the family rot? Here I am talking about an ordinary, educated middle class person who has so far done some ordinary middle level job with  a package of say 25000-30000 to support his family.  Now he lost his job in lockdown. What will he do now? The topic of our discussion starts from here. 


Actually, to be specified here, I am talking about a job which involves a minimum level of dignity(Am I thinking too much?). It is also a fact that hunger obeys no rule.

When you see your family starving, you will not hesitate to do the work of crushing stones, pulling rickshaws, polishing shoes or selling vegetables.  Let us pray to god that these will be the last option in the worst situation. 

For middle class people dignity is the main thing they fear to lose. Even they will not hesitate to end their life but certainly would hesitate to do anything where there will be the possibility of losing dignity. 

They do not have wealth, they do not have influence,  the only thing they have  is dignity. And they fear the most of losing dignity. 

So how can we think of them working as construction labour or agricultural worker.  For a moment, just suppose one person has been desperate enough to opt for that kind of job under compulsion.  But what about his wife and kids?

What about his parents or relatives?  How will they take it? 

Is there no option at all  for him to do anything which maintains a minimum level of  dignity and at the same time he can earn a few thousand rupees to manage the dal roti for his family. 


I think there is a good option. You can try to earn money online. Start a blog and do affiliate marketing with the help of it.  Work hard to get it established.  It  will take time. This  may vary from 6 months to one year or a bit more.

But is not it better than working as a construction or  agricultural labour? Here I want to make a clear point. I agree no work is small. With adequate respect to all classes of the society, I am telling this. Some work may suit some and may not suit a few others. 

To be specific, here I am talking about a job which will not rob off his social  position and the dignity, he enjoys in the eyes of his wife,  kids or other family members.  

So what can you do?  He can go for online tuition but opting for tuition requires a minimum level of subject knowledge which he may not have or he might have lost that patience.  He can go for earning money online.  Now regarding earning money online, most people do not carry a positive concept.  

To an ordinary person the internet means fraud. However this is not a matter which can be denied fully. All over the world more than 70% of online works involve fraudulent activities. 

Most of these online works do have the system of taking the registration fee. Some people lay traps offering lucrative offers ( like earn $100 in two hours etc).

A person who is desperately looking for some online working opportunity mostly gets tempted  just to  get trapped. 

Once you paid the money,  the taker will just vanish or refuse to reply to your mail or will not pick up the phone. And the law is that much to stop these activities or help the victim.

In some cases after submitting the work you will not be paid for mentioning some mistakes in your work. 

So rightly the possibility of fraud cannot be overruled outright and the fear of the people is justified.  But do all earning money online opportunities involve fraudulent activities? 

No.  There are some online earning opportunities, like blogging and affiliate marketing, where there is less chance of fraudulent activities.

In blogging for affiliate marketing you will not have to pay registration fees.  So less chance of being robbed off hard earned money.

6 EASY ONLINE WORKS – JObs To SUpport A Family

Here are a few popular online earning opportunities that people all over the world mostly try:

  1. Data entry clerk
  2. Copywriting
  3. Online teaching
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Blogging
  6. E-commerce Store


Depending upon the personal capability you can do any of the above. But one has to be most careful while selecting any of the above schemes. Because a lot of these are scams.

Scammers trap aspiring job seekers offering lucrative offers of very handsome income.  Thereby they convince the victims to pay a registration fee.  

After getting the registration fee  either the scammer vanishes or does not pay mentioning errors in the work done. 

Avoid enrolling your name in any schemes which require registration fees. However the schemes like Blogging and Affiliate Marketing do not have the system of registration fees and hence are free from the possibility of being cheated. 


Now who am I to tell these things. Well, it’s the most relevant question. So here are the details about who I am.

My first introduction is I am one of the millions the middle-class person who lost his job in lockdown and underwent a number of adversities.

But still living on. I am Nitya Gopal Das. I am 60 years’ old. Unfortunately, I am a B-Tech from the University of Calcutta. I didnot takee birth inton a very rich family.

I was born in a lower middle class family in one of the most remote villages of West Bengal. In those days, there was no electricity, all muddy roads, no nearby hospital or school in my village. Leave apart even a small scale industry, there was no trace of even a cottage industry in our district.

The people used to earn their livelihood by farming only. Only a few of the villagers were having some pieces of land. Most of the villagers were agricultural labourers. I was good in education. I had some dreams unlike my other friends in the village.

In 1979 I passed SSC. But due to financial problems once it seemed that I would ot be able to pursue HSC. But somehow with the help of a good Samaritan among my relatives, I passed HSC. My mom had to sell her ornaments to provide me tuition.

The normal academic line did not suit me. I tried engineering. I got a chance in WBJEE after two years. I took admission to B-Tech in Textile Technology.

In the middle of my first year in college I lost my father. There was no one to help me. Beside my college I had to resort to tuition for supporting my family of my mother and brother.

I passed in 1987. I joined my first job in 1988 in a small textile company as a supervisor with a salary of Rs. 1200 per month.

Everything was a bit weird in my workplace. People were more interested in other people’s work than their own.

There was nasty politics, unnecessary interference and other evils. Every moment I used to realize that it was not the right place for me.

There was some hitches somewhere in my mind. I used to leave my job in every two years. I was not getting stability.

However within this struggle I dared to take a bold step. I ventured to get married. And surprisingly things started becoming easier.

Within a few years my son took birth and six years later my daughter was born. Somehow life started sailing a bit smoothly. I got busy with my work and my wife got busy with the steering of my family and in bringing up the children. This way 20 years passed. 


In 2020 came the Covid. It shattered the economy of the entire world. I lost my job. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. It was a very tough time.

My son was with me in this struggle. By that time he became a B-Tech in IT and started living in Mumbai. My daughter got admission in MBBS. Among these, came the next boon of the god. I was detected with a large kidney stone in my urinary tract. I found my son standing affirmed beside me. He brought me back home cured. Without my son I would not have survived. It was too difficult to support my family. I tried a lot of ways. I tried Share Market. But failed miserably. I tried various WORK FROM HOME schemes. But found all fraud. I tried starting online tuition. But found very little success. 


Finally, I got a small job in data entry in one of my neighbour’s small office. Which I continued for some three months.

Now when I got a job I started looking here and there for other ways for some extra income. I thought of  Blogging. Before this I tried blogging. But not consistently. I used to look for overnight success. But that was never to happen.

And whenever I got a job again I used to forget everything and jumped into the new job. Actually in our type of manufacturing industry in Surat we are compelled to work for more than 12 hours daily for 365 days.

The owner used to suck our blood for a few pennies. This time again I am thinking of going blogging to earn online. I started reading stories of great bloggers from India as well as from other parts of the world.

These stories inspired me a lot. With these inspirations there were a few other things that motivated me.


1. I had no other option. I can not get a good job at this age. I can not start a new business because of the financial crunch. And even in the time of lockdown, there was no guarantee that payment will come from a new business;

2. I had all the infrastructure for Blogging. I had a good computer. I had a wi-fi connection.

3. Besides a small data entry job I had enough time;

4. Unlike other online earning opportunities, in Blogging there is no system of registration fees and hence very little scope of being cheated.

5. It was very clear to me that I would have to find an option which can be accomplished by my solo effort only.

I should not have a student like a teacher. I should not have a boss to interfere. I have to be a one man army. The only thing I should have at this juncture is consistency and a burning desire;

6. Now the question is what qualities should a blogger have? Do I not have those qualities? The answer is – yes, I do have the qualities, though not in adequate level.

I have to hone whatever I have. With time these qualities may glitter if honed properly and diligently;

7. I know it requires a lot of hard work to become successful in blogging. Here I asked a question to myself. If I can do a job for more than 12 hours a day after driving 80 KM (to and fro) dailly, why can’t I work 10 hours a day remaining in the comfort of my home?

8. Moreover in our type of jobs after working hard for more than 12 hours a day, we used to get around Rs. 20,000-30,000.

In these types of jobs, there always remains a lot of tension and the constant fear of losing the job at any moment.

In my opinion, even a smaller sum of Rs. 5,000 -10,000 per month as online earnings from blogging and affiliate marketing is far more worthier.

Even if it takes a few months to happen. Because it opens up a new possibility that none can snatch away and I can work with it till the last breath of my life;

9. Now what about the others who are not masters in English. Nowadays blogging in the local language is also gaining popularity.

Any person with adequate grip on any local language can opt for blogging.

You can start blogging in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali or in any other language you are comfortable with.

One website of Shree Pavan Agarwaljee (a great blogger) created history in gathering a record traffic in a single day. Yours may not create history but at least it can earn a bread for you.

Again there are numerous ways you can earn from blogging……

1. AdSense,

2. Direct Advertisements

3. Affiliate marketing

4. Native Advertising

FUTURE OF ONLINE earning opportunities

On  the  other hand,  after  lockdown  people have  grown a habit ofordering things online. Means in affiliate marketing boom days are ahead. Its true that the competition in blogging has increased. But at the same time new concepts has been added to the scope of it making it wider and broader.


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