1. Why should I start blogging?

As such, there is no hard & fast binding. If a situation arises, you  may use it as an option. And it is the only dignified option. You can start it for a few  reasons:-

  • You have lost your job in a Lockdown  like situation. But you have a family  to support. 
  • You can not start a business for financial reasons.
  • You are a retired person/housewife/student and want to spend your time productively and honourably. 
  • You want to make some extra income.

2. I am not a graduate. Can I start a blog?

In starting a blog, qualification is no criteria. Hunger obeys no rule. It compels human beings to overcome all shortcomings. So not being a graduate is not a big deal. When you see your family suffering, you will dare to do just anything. Finally you are not going to appear in any exam or face an interview.  Learn as much as required through the internet. Had you been a graduate, still you would not have been able to start a blog. To start a blog some relevant knowledge is required. You can learn that from the internet. Nowadays you can learn every thing through You tube videos.

3. I am poor in English. Can I start a  Blog?

You can start a blog in Hindi or in any other regional languages. Nowadays Hindi blogs are running well.

4. How many hours do I need to work a day?

It depends upon the extent of return you want. By working for 3-4 hours a day you can earn some Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 a month.

5. How much may I have to invest initially? 

To get a domain, web hosting and 24×7 support in website building you may have to spend a nominal amount of Rs.3500/-initially.

6. Will I be able to make a website all by myself?

Initially you will find it difficult. But gradually you will get comfortable to it. I advise you to handle this yourself so that you get comfortable with different new terms. There will always be 24×7 support with you. You can also learn from you tube videos.

7. From where should I get the domain? 

You will get domain free if you take web hosting from WordPress.

8. In how many days will I start  earning?

Once you start, it will take some 6 months to 1 year to get the 1st cheque. 

9. What is the future of Blogging or Affiliate marketing?

Lock down has taught a new lesson to almost all of us. Our movement was restricted. We were not able to go out. In this situation how could we get the essential things to live on? So we grew the habit of ordering things online. Our new habit opened the door of online shopping more widely. Now as we can not go out and see things with our own eyes, how will we trust that the correct thing will reach our door?  Here the role of affiliate marketing starts. You can get knowledge about any product sitting at home through different Blogs. These blogs furnish you the latest knowledge of quality, types, price and options.  Without roaming here and there you can get a ready-made idea of the best available things sitting at home. 

As per a report of Business Today, while India has the third-largest online shopper base of 140 million, the market is still massively untapped and there is immediate potential to reach India’s large internet user base of approximately 625–675 million people. The e-retail market is expected to grow to $120–140 billion by FY26, increasing at approximately 25–30 per cent per annum over the next 5 years, the report said. So be ready for a brighter future ahead for you through blogging

10. I work in Textile Industry as a production manager. My sense of dignity is a bit higher. I find it difficult to cope up with other people. I feel suffocated here. What should I do?

It inevitably happens with some people. You are one of them. You need not be concerned about this. Start a blog beside your job. When the blog establishes and start giving return to the tune you get from job, you can fully concentrate in Blogging.

11. My boss always harasses me without any reason. Should I kick off my job?

This is a regular phenomena in industry. For this you must not leave your job. Stick to your job. Because you will have to support your family. And everywhere you will get this type of person. Remain in your job and try to start doing something online. When this starts working and giving returns, then kicking off a job will be a spontaneous decision.

12. Should I immediately leave job and concentrate in blogging?

No. You have your family to support. Don’t do anything abruptly. In today’s market getting a new job is not easy. You will find yourself in awkward condition because of short or no supply of money. Better beside your job, start doing something online. It will take at least one year to get established and give you return.