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How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2023

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Do you want some extra money?

Well, let me tell you that if you are serious about blogging start a blog and make it your profession but before getting deeper into blogging, let us understand what is a blog and why we write it.  A blog is an informative article or a discussion that is published on WWW (WORLD-WIDE WEB) in order to provide useful information to the users. It’s basically a piece of content curated in a particular niche. In the early 20s blogging has limited accessibility, but after 2010 the blogging industry got a severe boom.

Types of Blogs

Before starting blogging, one should have a clear understanding of the niches of blogs. There are different types of blogs such as

1. Personal Blog

A personal blog is just all about you. It is a glimpse of yourself and how you live your life on a daily basis. It’s about sharing your knowledge with the world without sticking to just a single content.

start blogging to live a boss free life
Start a blog to live life kingsize

2. Niche Blog

In Niche blogging you have to select a specific niche for which you have to create content, it is for people who love sharing information in the niche they have a lot of expertise. In this type of blogging, you can target a specific set of audiences that aligns with your niche. For eg- if you are an accountant and love talking about finance then you can start blogging on financing and people who have an interest in finance will become your niche audience.

3. Collaborative Blog

 It is a type of blog in which more than one author share useful content for the readers.

4. Micro Blog

Microblog is a collaboration of different types of media such as short posts, short videos, useful links, and other useful content in order to make the content attractive and readers-friendly.

5. Corporate and Organisational Blog

Generally, large-scale companies choose this type of blogging media in order to communicate important information regarding employee engagement. These kinds of blogs are circulated internally and are kept secret. The accessibility to this kind of blog is for companies’ employees.

How to get started with blogging

If you are wondering how to get started with blogging then here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow and create your first blog

1. Choose a blog name

Pick a descriptive name that describes the soul of your blog. It should be different, eye-catching, and informative. Once you have selected your Blog name, ensure your blog name is not chosen by anybody else.

If someone has already taken your name, you can do some of these tricks;

  • Try different domain extensions: if it .com version is registered, then might be .net, .org or .in version be available.
  • Add small words: if the name is already registered, then add some small words like the, a, etc. like if queenscollection.com is not available then go with “ THE QUEENS COLLECTION.COM”
  • Add dashes between the words: for example, Queens-collection.com

2. Take your blog online

To take your blog online you need to have a hosting platform for your blog and the domain registrar. It sounds technical but trusts me it’s really easy to understand.

  • Blog Host:- A blog host is a platform in which a hosting company stores all the website data and delivers users the relevant information when someone types their names. I personally recommend Blue Host as it provides budget-friendly hosting plans for beginners and is convenient to use.
  • Domain Registrar They are the one that registers your DOMAIN, they generally help you to deliver a proficient blog. You need to purchase a domain name from Domain Registrar like Godaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap, etc

3. Customize your blog

Choose a blog design or theme and form a creative and catchy blog for your users. There are a lot of free and paid theme options available online. You have multiple CMS ( Content Management systems) to customize your blog like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc but I highly recommend using WordPress as it has a user-friendly interface and is the best content management system for beginners. 

4. Publish your blog

After curating your blog and doing the necessary alterations and editing, post your blog. Your blog is open to the world. There are different social media platforms you can choose to showcase and promote your blog.

5. Promote your blog

Once you have posted the blog, you can avail benefits of promoting your blog. You can use different social media platforms such as TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, etc to advertise your blog.

6. Monetize your blog

Once your blog is live, you can start making money from it. You can sell your blog space for advertising, sell membership, sell products and services, affiliate marketing, etc. There are several ways to make money from a blog. 

To start blogging for free

The following steps will help you to write blogs for free

STEP1: Go to wordpress.com or  blogger.com and register yourself using your google account.

STEP2: Create your online profile: sign up with your login id, password, and other useful information. Make sure you remember the id and password.

STEP 3: Choose themes: from a wide variety of previews, choose your favorite theme and implement the same.


STEP4: Verify your account: After completing your blog setup and in order to make it public, you need to verify your email address by clicking on the verification link.

Why should you start blogging?

As we all know that digital space is growing rapidly. People want to earn money from online platforms across the globe. The process of starting a blog is pretty easy and simple. Find a catchy name for your blog. Finding a content management system for managing your blog, customization the blog, and finally posting it. In just a few steps you can start your blogging career.

Following are the reasons why one should start blogging:-

1. Sharing Passion

Each and everyone in this world has a different type of hobby, and sharing talent with others, can help many people. Blogging is a platform that helps many people to convert their passion into a profession.

2. Money Making

Blogging is a great platform to make money online. On average, a Blogger in India can make money up to $2000 per day. Brands will approach you to advertise their product on your blogs.

3. Meet new people

In our daily life, it’s really difficult to meet people of your own interest. As a blogger, you daily meet different influencers, PR persons, etc. Meeting different people enhances your knowledge and helps you to create better content.

4. Follow your dreams

An accountant does the work of accounts, a person who’s doing the sales job will do sales work, etc. As a blogger, you can earn as much as you can because in blogging there is no limitation. You can follow your dreams and can work from any corner of the world.

How to earn money from blogging

As the digital market is growing rapidly all around the world, the pandemic has given a lead to the digital market. Every business needs a digital space to grow its audience. Here comes the role of a Blogger, Bloggers hence increase business revenue by popularizing their products and services through their content. There are many ways in which a blogger earns revenue such as,

1. Advertisements

As a content publisher, you can earn exponentially for promoting products and services on your blog through advertisements. A Blogger can sell ad space to a business on their site. A blogger who has more readers and visitors on his blog will earn more revenue. It is like a newspaper with higher circulation will charge more money for advertisements. You can partner with different ad networks such as Google Ads, and Media. net, Propeller Ads, etc to sell that space on your behalf.

2. Affiliate marketing

It is one of the best models to earn revenue from blogging. Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing in which a blogger links to another business website so that visitors can purchase products or services through the links they provide,. On their purchase, a blogger earns a certain amount of commission. The higher the audience of bloggers, the higher the chances of earning.

3. Digital offerings

It is also known as merchandise marketing. Selling your products physically or digitally on your website is known as digital offering. Bloggers need to customize or personalize products that they can sell to their audience from their blog. E.g., you can sell your printed logo T-SHIRT online, and the audience who loves printed logos t-shirts will purchase them. 

4. Subscriptions

 If your blog has an active audience that is eager to know much about your content, a paid subscription is a way that will help you to generate larger revenue.

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