Are you wondering why often middle-class people are called coward? Had you also ever been called a coward, just stick to this article and you will find your answer.

When is a Person Called Coward?

If someone is afraid of anything, they are often called cowards. They’re not brave enough to face what is bothering them and overcome their fears.

In fact, one common usage of this term is when we accuse others of being cowardly. I’m sure we have all heard these types of accusations at one time or another.

But, have you ever wondered when exactly these terms are used? Not all people have the same idea about what it means to be brave or not brave; sometimes people aren’t cowardly but afraid for some reason, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In this article, you’ll learn when to call a person cowardly and how to be understanding and supportive of their fearfulness as well as how to overcome the cowardice.


Fear is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by apprehensive expectations. It is a basic survival mechanism that occurs in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or potential injury.

Fear can also be defined as responses to future events that are exaggerated and often accompanied by negative emotions.

While most people will experience a range of fearful feelings at some point in their lives, many will develop some intense, irrational fears of particular objects or situations; these can leave a person with a feeling of cowardice.


People in your circle may not be aware of it, but when they look at you from the outside, they can easily spot that there is something wrong with your behavior.

Overcoming fear and becoming courageous is not easy for anyone in today’s world.

But if we have to talk about some people, then it will be even more difficult for them because they are already overburdened by their daily routine lives, and finding time for them is almost impossible. 

Fear has been a part of human nature since the ages. There are many reasons behind it, like losing money or losing someone close to us or even one’s own life etc.

We all know how much our minds control our bodies and how much power we give to our thoughts while dealing with any situation or event in our lives.

Fear is mostly associated with low self-esteem, which means a low confidence level in you.

You start thinking about negative things, which makes you lose hope for yourself. The answer lies within each one of us.

Different person fears different things, but most often than not, these fears come from an individual’s past experiences. Another reason that develops fear is the loss of wealth or loss of social status.


The great majority of human beings are not either bad or good. They are ordinary. Most people are neither heroes nor villains, but ordinary folks do their best to get through life without hurting others.

In some ways, they represent what is best about humanity; in others, they represent what is worst about it. This is especially true when it comes to cowardice and courage.

Most people are cowards most of their lives, but they don’t see themselves that way because cowardice is a virtue in and around us.

But how can middle-class people be both cowardly and virtuous?

The answer lies in their understanding of cowardice. Middle-class people believe there are two kinds of bravery: physical bravery and moral bravery.

Physical bravery is easy to understand. It means risking your body for another person or for an idea you believe in. Moral bravery is harder to define.

It means facing down criticism from other people and from yourself—criticism that may have no basis in fact or reality. Moral bravery requires saying things that go against public opinion, even if those things are obvious truths.

Moral bravery requires being hated by many people who will do everything they can to destroy you personally because you told them something they didn’t want to hear.

If you’re part of the middle-class people in India, chances are high that at least once in your life, someone has called you a coward.

That person might have been right, but more likely he was wrong.

Middle-class people often think everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a coward, but when push comes to shove, few middle-class people actually call each other cowards out loud.


People become cowards for different reasons. They may have been born with a genetic predisposition to be fearful.

They may have learned fear from their environment and from experiences with danger or violence.

Whatever factors are at play, a person’s life experiences can harden that fear over time, making it more difficult to overcome than at first glance.

As with anything that is learned, we need to break down behavior into its smaller parts in order to change it.

We actually need to understand what cowardice is and how it shows itself. So let us discuss some ways through which one can overcome fear and become courageous.


The first thing is to find the courage within you. Fear comes out of our weakness and lack of confidence, so as long as you find strength within yourself, fear will automatically fade away.

There could be many reasons why you feel weak, but never ignore them; instead, try to analyze what is preventing you from achieving success in your life and eliminate them one by one. This way, you’ll slowly start feeling stronger and stronger.

When we see any situation around us, we generally tend to judge it based on our past experiences. Our past experiences shape our outlook toward life and sometimes make us feel scared or doubtful about certain situations.

At times, we may fail, but that doesn’t mean that we stop trying. Never give up on anything in life because everything happens for a reason and God has his own plan for everyone.

One day or another, you’ll definitely succeed in whatever field you choose to work in.

Remove yourself from a negative environment

Sometimes it happens that due to negativity around us, we start doubting ourselves and lose our self-confidence completely. In such situations, it becomes very important to remove yourself from the environment and surround yourself with positive vibes.

Try spending time with friends who motivate you and help you grow personally as well as professionally.

These negative thoughts will only increase our level of fearfulness rather than make us strong enough to fight against them or stand against someone else’s criticism.

It’s better to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

For example, if you think that you don’t deserve a promotion because your boss will think that you’re not capable enough to handle it, then replace it with “I’m confident enough to handle my new responsibilities and prove myself worthy of being promoted.

Take positive risks

Taking risks is inevitable in life, but we must remember that we shouldn’t be taking unnecessary risks. Always keep in mind that fear of failure is worse than failure itself. It’s always better to take small steps forward rather than stay stuck in your comfort zone forever. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because they are actually stepping stones for us to achieve success.

Be Prepared To Face Failure

No matter how much we try to be successful in life, there will always be situations where we’ll end up failing. But that’s okay because it’s a part of life and no one is perfect. Instead of getting frustrated or depressed when you fail, look at it as a learning experience and use it to your advantage. Learn from your mistakes and try to do better next time.

Practice meditation and avoid those who criticize

Meditation is one of those activities that can help us become fearless in life. It helps us calm our minds and focus on what’s important in life. It helps us stay positive and motivated as well.

If you’re surrounded by people who criticize you for every single mistake that you make, it will become very difficult for you to build up courage within yourself.

In such situations, it’s better to distance yourself from such people because they’ll just bring negativity into your life and destroy your self-confidence completely.

Surround yourself with positive people. Make sure that these friends are good listeners because listening plays an important role in improving relationships between two individuals.

They should also encourage you to speak openly without judging you; otherwise, they won’t be able to understand your problems properly. In order to develop courage within ourselves, we need to eliminate negative thoughts.

Accept your fears

Accepting your fears is one of the best ways to overcome them. It’s better to accept that you’re afraid of something rather than deny it and pretend that you’re not. By accepting your fear, you’ll be able to understand what’s making you feel that way and how you can overcome it.

Read Self-Help Books

Reading self-help books can help us improve our mindset and become more positive in life. They can teach us how to turn our weaknesses into strengths and how we can make a difference in life by helping others.

Working On Your Social Skills

Having good social skills will help us build up courage within ourselves because we’ll be able to interact with people easily without feeling uncomfortable or shy.

Regularly Meditate

Meditation is one of those activities that can help us become fearless in life. It helps us calm our minds and focus on what’s important in life. It helps us stay positive and motivated as well.

Stop thinking too much and accept the fact that fear is part of life

Thinking about your fears will make you more afraid of something rather than make you strong enough to face them.

In order to overcome fear, we need to accept that it’s a natural part of life and we can’t run away from it.

We should embrace our fears rather than ignore them because they’ll always be with us no matter how hard we try to hide from them.


Confidence is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re confident in your own abilities, you can accomplish great things and have a greater influence on others.

You don’t need to be extroverted or brash to be confident; it’s about having self-assurance and trusting in yourself, which are key elements of any successful endeavor.

To cultivate more confidence in our world today, we must teach people to believe in themselves and learn about what makes them unique as individuals.

We need to celebrate each person for their contributions to society and give them confidence in their role within it. It starts with us—as parents, teachers, friends, and colleagues—and from there grows into something bigger than ourselves.

The next generation will thank us for helping them gain confidence in who they are.


It is better to have run and lost than never to have run at all. You will be faced with many decisions in your life, but nothing is as important as standing up for what you believe in.

Some of your actions will bring failure and heartache, while others will serve you well down the road. When faced with a tough decision, it’s best to remember that one of life’s lessons is accepting responsibility for your own failures and successes; accept them gracefully and move on without being bitter or angry.

Most importantly, remember that no matter how much you fail, there is always another opportunity just around the corner waiting for you to grasp it with both hands!

So go out there, get involved, stand up for yourself, and fight like hell! Even if you lose, try again against your fear, against your cowardice, because next time could be your moment of glory.

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