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Who Can Start A Blog?

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Blogging is the dignified way of living

Can you earn through blogging?

Through blogging, you can earn money. Now it is not a question any longer. Listen to what one of the topmost Indian bloggers, the great Harsh Agarwal (Income Rs. 40 Lakhs/month), has to say.

1. Why should I start a blog?

Are you financially secure? If not, you should do something to be financially secure.

2. I am already doing a job in Govt sector. Still, should I opt for blogging?

My answer to this question is ‘yes’. Because it may be taken for granted that in Govt job there is job security. But still, if you can manage time besides the job, you should start a blog side by side and keep on pursuing it. It will give you extra money, extra knowledge, and mental peace. The extra money will give you a quality life.

3. I am already doing a job in the Pvt sector. Still, should I opt for blogging?

Yes, even after having a good Pvt. sector job, you should not hesitate to start blogging. Because in a Pvt job, there is no guarantee. At any time you can lose it. Sometimes even after being efficient, your boss may harass you without any reason. In the bad days of the company, you can be given lay-off or even terminated. In the event of any pandemic, you will not be allowed to go to the office and work. Though Govt pays, Pvt sectors do not pay for sitting at home in lockdowns.

Had you had a running blog, at any time you could have fired your tyrant boss or you can continue earning some extra money from blogging. In lockdowns, remaining confined within the four walls of your home you could still earn.

4. I am an unemployed person. Did not get a job even after trying my best. Should I start a blog?

You should keep on searching for a job besides starting a blog. Because it takes time to start earning from blogging. At least six months. So keep on trying hard. You will get a job. Another point, initially to make a blog successful some money is required. If you have a job, you can use some money from your salary.

5. I am a housewife or a retired person or a student. Can I start a blog?

Yes, all of you can start a blog. For blogging, no qualification or any fixed time frame is required. You can run a blog from home at your convenience. But dear students, take care that your education is not affected in the course of pursuing a blog.

A housewife should start a blog because it will give her much-needed financial independence. Every time for every small matter, she may find it awkward to seek money from her hubby. Moreover, with the money earned from blogging, she can support her husband and family.

A retired person should also start a blog because blogging will help him overcome boredom after being workless all of a sudden. Those, who remained on a tight schedule during their job days, will welcome this. Otherwise one may find himself worthless in the eyes of others after being workless.

6. I am not fluent in English. Can I start a blog?

For blogging knowledge of English is required. You may not have to be fluent in English for it. Moreover, there are a lot of tools and resources nowadays. You can run a blog in regional languages also. There are a number of blogs in regional languages.

7. I am comfortable in plain English. But I am not comfortable reading blogging-related content in English. What should I do?

You are right. Most people feel uncomfortable reading the English language related to blogging. But there is a solution. You can try Ebooks written in regional languages like Hindi or Bengali. You can buy such Ebooks from the rayofhopes.com website.

8. I am not a graduate. Can I start a blog?

I have already mentioned that for blogging you do not require qualification. But formal education is required. The most you will need is the burning desire. I believe that you have.

9. Where can I get a domain?

Nowadays getting a domain is not a big issue. Anyone can get these from the following websites:-

There are a lot of others. You can search on Google for it. A few of these give domain free if you host your blog with them.

10. How much may I have to invest initially?

You may have to spend a nominal amount of Rs.3500/-initially for domain and hosting together for one year.

11. What are the things I should have before I start blogging?

You should have a computer( laptop or desktop) and an internet connection (Wi-fi or Mobile data).

12. On which topic should I blog?

You can do blogging on

1) Mobile & Electronics

2) Wellness

3) Fashion products

4) Education

5) Cooking & Food

6) Travel

7) Govt schemes

8) Financial Products

9) Crypto Currencies

13. Should I immediately leave my job and concentrate on blogging?

No. That will be a blunder. You have your family to support. You will have to plan your future discreetly otherwise poverty will engulf you and your family. Don’t do anything abruptly. In today’s market getting a new job is not easy. You will find yourself in an awkward condition because of a short or no supply of money. Besides your job, start doing something online. It will take at least one year to get established and give you a return.

14. What is the future of blogging?

The future of blogging is very bright. 15-20 years ago we did not have an internet facility or it was too costly. Nor did we have smartphones. Nowadays almost 66.2% of the world’s population has access to the Internet. This figure will increase and so the online ordering system.

In lockdowns, we have seen that we could not go out but we had to fulfill our daily necessities. This can only be possible with online orders. And from here you can understand the future of blogging. Before purchasing something online you need to have knowledge about it. Your search with a keyword of your necessity and Google will present before you a long line of blogs with the requisite information. You choose what suits your need. Of this, you do not need to go shopping or market. The entire market will reach your home through your smartphone. Now more and more people are getting access to the internet day by day. Time is becoming more precious to people. Why should I go to a hotel if I get my dinner ordered to come to my home? This mentality is also giving rise to the brighter future of blogging.

Why opt for blogging?

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