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How To Avoid An Amazon Ban as an Affiliate Marketer?

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Amazon affiliate has the right to ban users from the site for certain behaviors

Amazon company

Amazon affiliate marketing is a great source of income. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as an online retailer in 1994. It began as an online bookstore and has since grown to sell a wide variety of products including electronics, home goods, fashion, and more. Amazon has become one of the largest retailers in the world and is reputed for its convenient shopping experience and fast delivery options. Amazon launched the first affiliate program on the Internet In July 1996. As it grew, it formulated some strict policies to ensure the best shopping experience for its customers. On violating any of these policies there is the possibility that you can face an Amazon ban.

What does it mean by being an affiliate marketer on Amazon?

In Amazon affiliate marketing, it is important to have a strong presence on the platform in order to attract customers and increase sales. Amazon has a large customer base and being an affiliate of Amazon allows you to tap into this market and reach a larger audience. In addition, Amazon offers various tools and resources for affiliates to optimize their listings and improve their chances of success as an affiliate. It is important for affiliates to constantly update their products and pricing in order to remain competitive on Amazon. Overall, being an Affiliate on Amazon can be a lucrative opportunity to earn a handsome amount to lead a hassel-free smooth life.

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, with a large number of affiliates working on behalf of it.

Policies of Amazon

While Amazon is a convenient and user-friendly platform, it is important for a site in Amazon affiliate marketing to understand that Amazon has the right to ban an affiliate from the site for certain behaviors. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Amazon may choose to ban an affiliate and what can a banned affiliate do to have his account reinstated. Understanding these policies can help ensure a positive and successful experience on Amazon as an affiliate.

Reasons Why Amazon May Ban an Affiliate Marketer

As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon has strict policies in place to ensure that its customers receive the best shopping experience possible. There are 10 major reasons why Amazon can ban you as an affiliate:-

In order to increase CTR many affiliate marketers resort to link cloaking Amazon doesn’t want affiliates misdirecting their customers, as it indirectly affects Amazon’s reputation and this is the reason Amazon has banned link cloaking or shortening. The company requires that you avoid cloaking, hiding, or spoofing the URL in any way.

Amazon considers using its logo, brand colors, or adding direct URLs in buttons on other sites as infringing on Amazon’s copyright. Amazon straightaway banned the site in violation of it.

Amazon strongly prohibits the practice of self-purchase an item from your own affiliate. Amazon tracks these types of purchase activity. So it’s better not to take the risk of getting banned. 

Operating Multiple Accounts

Very often The Amazon Associates affiliate program is targeted by the spammers due to its popularity. To stop this, Amazon allows only one account for each individual. 

Using Amazon Reviews on Your Site

Any effort of copying and pasting reviews from other sources to your site as your own will attract a ban from Amazon. Amazon also discourages affiliates from using its star ratings. It is advisable to avoid adding ratings manually on your site. You can display your own rating there instead.

Not Disclosing That You’re an Affiliate

Unlike other affiliate marketing companies in Aazon you have to  add a disclaimer on every page saying that 

  • you’re an Amazon Associate
  • you earn a small commission on each sale

If you fail to comply, you are sure to be banned.

Amazon strictly prohibits linking to porn sites or sites that contain sexually explicit materials.

Adding Product Prices

Amazon strictly prohibits displaying product prices on its affiliate site.as the prices are susceptible to change. By adding the price manually there remains the possibility that you are providing misleading information to your visitors. But you can use a plugin like AAWP, as AAWP automatically pulls the product pricing from Amazon site.

You can resort to email marketing for getting your audience to visit your site and then buy, but adding affiliate links directly in an email will surely attract a ban.

Not Adding Sites to Your Associates Dashboard

It is necessary to add all of your niche affiliate sites to your Amazon Associates dashboard. I case you failed and meantime you got a sale from one of these sites, Amazon will instantly ban your account.

Consequences of being banned by Amazon

Being banned by Amazon can have serious consequences for a seller. Amazon is one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces in the world, and having access to this platform can be essential for many small businesses. Here we discuss some points about the consequences of getting banned by Amazon:-

Loss of Income

Many sellers rely on Amazon as a primary source of revenue, and being banned from the platform can be financially devastating. Sellers may have to find alternative sources of income, which can be difficult and time-consuming.

Loss of reputation

In addition to the loss of income, a seller also lost his reputation as a result of getting banned. Customers may become wary of purchasing from a seller who has been banned, even if the ban was due to a misunderstanding or mistake. This can make it difficult for the seller to regain their customers’ trust and may lead to a decline in sales.

Another consequence of getting a ban from Amazon is the potential for legal action. If a seller is banned for violating the terms of service or engaging in fraudulent activities, they may face legal consequences. This can be costly and time-consuming and may result in significant financial losses.

Monitor your account regularly

Keep an eye on your account and sales to ensure everything is in order. If you notice any unusual activity or issues, address them immediately to avoid any potential violations.

By following these tips and staying compliant with Amazon’s policies, you can reduce the risk of a ban from the platform. Keep in mind that Amazon takes its rules seriously, and even a minor violation can result in a ban. So, it’s essential to be proactive and attentive to avoid any issues.


In conclusion, Amazon can ban you for a variety of reasons, including violation of their policies, fraudulent activity, and negative customer feedback. It is important to follow Amazon’s rules and guidelines to avoid a ban and to ensure that you are able to continue using their platform. By being a responsible and trustworthy seller, you can avoid a ban and maintain a successful business on Amazon.

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